Transfer of the stamp card (right to participate)

Can I still sell my stamp card to someone else?

Participants who want to sell their stamp card after the registration period can only do so through our organization and our website. The reason for this is that a unique barcode is already linked to your personal data when you register. Only our organization can link the barcode to the new owner and unlink it from the original owner after successful transfer.

So no longer buy and sell tickets via Marktplaats! If you buy a card via Marktplaats, the barcode remains linked to the person who sells the card. The barcode can only be transferred through our organization.

When can I transfer a card?
The period of transfer of stamp cards (the right to participate) is from February 1, 2024 to March 31 (so until midnight on March 31). After that it is no longer possible to transfer cards.

How does it work?
Someone who wants to transfer the card can send an interested buyer a unique invitation to purchase their stamp card via their own account. This is only possible via the original purchase price. We do charge €3.00 administration costs for the transfer, to be paid by the seller.

What you have to do?

Person A wants to sell the card to person B.
Person A offers the card in his account by sending an email to person B. (Remember that this email address must be linked to person B's account)
Person B receives an email with a transfer request and can accept it.
By now going through the payment process, the card will automatically be transferred to person B.
After payment, an amount of € 25 will be refunded to the account of person A.
Once again: Buying and selling tickets is only possible via the Eleven Cities Cycling Tour account.

After March 31, it is no longer possible to resell a ticket.

What if the buyer changes his mind and does not want to buy?
If the buyer still decides to cancel the purchase, he or she can indicate this on his or her account. The card is then linked to the original owner, who can then offer it again to someone else. If the buyer does not hear from him at all, the purchase link will expire after a few days. The card will then also be linked back to the original owner. Buyer and seller will be informed of all these steps by email.

The selling participant can never withdraw his or her sale after offering. The starting card is simply sold. If the buyer abandons the purchase or does not respond, the card will be linked back to his or her account.

If the seller has sold the card, but later wants a card again, he/she will have to find someone who is willing to sell his/her card to him/her.

When will I receive my stamp card?
The cards will be printed after April 1 and sent to each participant personally from May 1, 2024.