The pre-registration period is from November 1 to November 22 (so November 22 until midnight).

Who is entitled to pre-registration?
The right to pre-register applies to people who have cycled the Eleven Cities Cycling Tour 5 times or more, including at least once in the past 4 years. When counting the number of tours registered by us, a maximum of 5 uncompleted tours are permitted between 2 completed tours.The year 2020 does not count because the Eleven Cities Cycling Tour could not be held that year due to the Corona pandemic.

For the 2024 Eleven Cities Cycling Tour, it is important that you have cycled the Eleven Cities Cycle Tour 5 times, including at least once in the years 2019, 2021, 2022 and 2023. People with the right to pre-register will receive an email with an invitation on November 1.

Each participant must register personally! The option for one person to order multiple tickets will no longer be possible!

How do I register?
If you are logged in to your account on our website (your personal page), you will find the 'pre-registration' button on the right of the screen. If you press this, you will be guided step by step through the ordering process.

During the ordering process, each participant is asked whether he or she has taken note of the general terms and conditions and agrees with them. This question must be answered with 'yes'. The final step of the ordering process is the payment of the amount of € 28.00.

Can I also cycle with someone and therefore get the same starting group?
Which can. Anyone who uses pre-registration can link the stamp card from February 1 to April 1. This is possible with participants of the pre-registration but also with participants of the free registration. See it cycling together.

How do I know if the registration was successful?
After the order has been completed you will receive a confirmation by email. When you then go back to your account, you will see that a barcode is linked to your order. This will later be printed on your personal stamp card.

Please note: you have not yet been assigned to a starting group. This only happens when the stamp cards are printed. The stamp card that you receive at home contains your address details, a card number, your starting group and the barcode.

Do I need to do anything else?
No. The stamp card will be sent to everyone by post from May 1. If you receive the stamp card, you don't have to do anything anymore. Linking your barcode to your account is no longer necessary, because this has already been done with your order.

Can I still sell my stamp card for the tour?
Yes, that's possible. In the period from February 1 to April 1, you can transfer your card to someone else. See transferring card for more information. After this period you can no longer transfer the card to someone else.