Technical assistance

During the Eleven Cities Bicycle Tour, bicycle repairers from renowned bicycle stores will be patrolling the route from the start at 05.00 until around 21.00. Their assistance can be requested through the message centre, which is located at the office of the Stichting de Friese Elfsteden Rijwieltocht, Marktplein 1A in Bolsward, tel. +31 (0)515 573263.

The bicycle repairers do not charge for the Quick Service. Materials are charged at regular retail prices. The repair of badly maintained bicycles does not take priority.
All participants are assumed to be able to mend their own flat tyres.
There are also local bicycle repairers at several stations en route.

The businesses mentioned below will be patrolling the route with one or more vehicles:
Bike Totaal de Jong Tweewielers, Wommels (coordinator)
Gazelle Select Center Mient de Vries
Fietsspecialist Meindert Terpstra, Hardegarijp
Victor Dechesne Leeuwarden, de mobiele fietsenmaker
Bike Totaal Kramer Assen
Bas2Wielers Wirdum
Fietspech Geert Kuipers
Terpstra Cycling World, Leeuwarden

In order to swiftly direct a bicycle repairer from the message centre in Bolsward to a breakdown, all vehicles have been fitted with a radio transmitter and GPS equipment. This enables the message centre to see who is where on the route and direct the closest bicycle repairer to the breakdown.
This facility is made possible by Geotrack Heerenveen.

The businesses mentioned below are present at a checkpoint or have opened their facilities on location:
Checkpoint Harlingen: Jelle Dijkstra, de Schritsen 1, Harlingen
Checkpoint Dokkum: tweewielers De Jong, Wommels
Checkpoint Leeuwarden: Terpstra Cycling World, Leeuwarden
Checkpoint Sneek: Jan Terpstra Cycling World
Half-way checkpoint Bolsward: Rijwielhandel de Kroon, Bolsward 
Checkpoint Oudemirdum: Rijwielhandel 't Fietshoekje, Fonteinwei 1.
Checkpoint  Workum: Fytsmakkerij Scheltema, Súd 74, Workum

Any bicycle repairers or bicycle manufacturer repair teams who are available on Whit Monday to provide service to the participants, please contact the technical assistance coordinator, dhr. Johan de Jong uit Wommels.

First Aid
EHBO-district Friesland will take care of all first aid at different locations en route. First aid posts have been set up for this at every checkpoint as well as at Oude Leije and Winsum. There is also one First Aid vehicle available.
NGS-sports masseurs are available at the checkpoints in Leeuwarden, Bolsward, IJlst, Sloten and Stavoren.
The Red Cross has several cars available en route for emergency assistance and for (seated) patient transport of injured participants.

There is also transport (follow-up vehicle) available to pick up stranded participants.

Message centre.

The message centre has been set up at the office of the Fietselfstedentocht on the Marktplein in Bolsward. This is where all contacts and all of the assistance is coordinated. The Red Cross Communication Services are responsible for all communications and they also coordinate the deployment of vehicles in case of accidents with the Meldkamer Noord Nederland incident room (112).
The message centre is available at: +31 (0)515 573263 on Whit Monday.
Serious accidents should be called in at the emergency number: 112