11-city campsite


A temporary campsite has been set up for the Cycling Eelfstedentocht on the sports field complex "Het Sportbolwerk" just outside the city centre of Bolsward. You can reserve a spot from March 2024. To that end, we will open a link to a registration form on this page at the end of March

The 11-city campsite will be open from Friday 17 May from 12.00 noon to Tuesday 21 May 12.00 noon.


You will camp on sports fields. You are allowed to park your car near your camping equipment. However, we ask you to drive at walking pace on the grounds and to drive as carefully and as little as possible on the fields.

Please follow the instructions of the volunteers to the letter and place your camping equipment at the designated spot. For safety reasons, paths must be left clear between camping vehicles for emergency services.

The pitches

It is not allowed to use the artificial grass pitches as camping areas. It is also not allowed to barbecue or light fires on the pitches, or damage the turf e.g. by using pens or sticks.


You pay 1 rate regardless of the number of nights.

Rates for 2024 (below) are provisional and may change during 2024:

Caravan: € 17.50

Tent: € 17.50

Motor home: € 17.50

per person per night € 8.00 including € 1.25 per person per night tourist tax 

You can pay on arrival, by pin and cash.

Changing rooms

You may only use the available changing facilities for toilet use, washing and showering. They are cleaned regularly during the weekend. For dirty dishes and filling jerry cans, there are water tanks outside, connected to the water supply. Please leave the changing rooms tidy after use.


All fields are equipped with washbasins. Showers and toilets are available in the sports club's changing rooms. The sanitary facilities are centrally located and quickly accessible from the fields. There is also a chemical toilet disposal point.


Electricity sockets (max. 5 A) are available on the pitches. These are only suitable for small(er) devices. Bring your own power cable of at least 25 metres. It is important that the power sockets are well covered against water. Make sure you do not use more than 1100 watts. Electrical equipment should be suitable for camping use (i.e. not an electric heater). Also kettles and hairdryers are often not suitable for camping use and these can cause short circuits. Charging electric cars/bikes is obviously not allowed.

For the use of electricity you pay a fee of € 11.00 per night.

Drinking water

Several water taps are available on the site. The tap water from these taps is drinkable. This also applies to the water from the taps in the sanitary cluster.

Night's rest

It is not allowed to make noise near your pitch, near the sanitary facilities or on the grounds. After 10 p.m., you may not enter the site with your car and must park it behind the petrol station.


Guards are present on the campsite grounds at night. Please report any suspicious circumstances to the reception car at the entrance to the site. We advise you not to leave valuable equipment next to your camping equipment. At night, the guards close the gates providing access to the ice rink, but they are not allowed to be locked for security reasons. On the northern side of the site (Corrie de Grootsingel), the site near the small bridge is closed all weekend.


Household waste can be deposited at the waste collection point in properly sealed rubbish bags. Two types of waste are separated here: glass and residual waste. The containers are located at the entrance to the campsite and are emptied several times a day. On departure, the pitch must be left clean.

If you have any further questions, please send an e-mail to info@fietselfstedentocht.frl