The eleven cities bicycle tour has been organised since 1912. Initially, the organisation was an association, but in 1976 the activities were combined in a foundation.

The Pentecost weekend of 2012 was the 100-year anniversary of the Eleven Cities Bicycle Tour. The Eleven Cities Bicycle Tour (Stichting de Friese Elfsteden Rijwieltocht) was awarded the Royal Medal during that Pentecost weekend.

For the 2019 tour, the board of the foundation consists of the following persons:

Standing from left to right:: Marten, Stephan, Age†,  Mark, Gerie, Edwin, Johannes en Willem
Squatting from left to right:: Sietse en Bert

Mr Stephan Rekker - president
Mr Sietse la Roi - secretary
Mr Mark Brouwer - treasurer
Mr Age Boskma - † 29-07-2019
Mr Marten Homma - route south/MINI
Mr Bert Altenburg - vice-president/organisation Bolsward/MINI
Mr Edwin Stevens - organisation Bolsward
Mr Willem Visser - route north
Mr Jan Ludema - start/finish
Mr Johannes Hazenberg - logistics
Ms Gerie van der Beek - secretariat

The board is assisted by a team of divisional heads and coordinators.
The team of divisional heads consists of:

Bolsward start - Ms M. Salverda-Bijma and Mr H. Boonstra, Bolsward
Harlingen - Mr J. Kluitenberg and Mr. L. Schadenberg, Harlingen
Franeker - Mr L. Visser and Mr W. Koopmans, Franeker
Holwerd - Ms W. Brander, Holwerd
Dokkum - Mr B. Schoorstra, Mr R. de Vries, Ternaard
Leeuwarden - Mr P.H. Hilarides, Leeuwarden and Mr W. Yedema, Heerenveen
Bolsward tc - Mr C. Snoeij, Oldeboorn and Ms L. Dijkstra, Heerenveen
Sneek - Ms H. Visser, Rien
IJlst - Mr H. Koopstra and Mr K. Kootje, IJlst
Sloten - Ms Y. Schram-Albada, Balk
Oudemirdum - Mr J. Bouma, Witmarsum and Mr H.J.Meeter, Beetgumermolen
Stavoren - Mr M. van der Zaag
Hindeloopen - Ms I. Mulder, Hindeloopen
Workum – Cycling Association Workum contact: Mr L. van Poelje, Workum

Contacts for the divisional heads are the board members Age Boskma and Willem Visser.
The divisional heads and coordinators can be reached through the office at the Eleven Cities Bicycle Tour.

In addition to the aforementioned persons, several volunteers are active for the organisation in the preparation period. In the Pentecost weekend around 750 volunteers ensure a smooth process. If you want to become a volunteer, please register through the button "Becoming a Volunteer", which is shown on the different pages.