26 January 2021

Information (Continued) for the participants 2020-2021

Dear cycling fan, 

In November 2020, we promised to inform you about the 84th edition of the Eleven Cities Bicycle Tour. This is an update of the latest situation.

The uncertainty whether the Corona virus will allow us to organise a regular eleven cities bicycle tour on Whit Monday is still on going. This is the conclusion after the parliament extended the lockdown by three weeks until 9 February, on Tuesday 12 January. This means that the end of the corona crisis is not yet near (by far), despite the tentative hope that the start of vaccination seemed to create for a while. All of this makes it terribly difficult for us as board members of the Eleven Cities Bicycle Tour to predict what the situation will look like on Whit Monday 24 May 2021.
For the time being, we will follow the two-track policy, where a regular Eleven Cities Bicycle Tour is scenario A and an alternative version is scenario B. We have decided to postpone making a final decision about which scenario to realise, to the beginning of March. This is the moment that we can oversee which expenses will be incurred this year.

For scenario A (regular tour) we communicated earlier that the participants who had purchased a ticket last year, with an automatic right to start on 24 May, need to pay a surcharge of ten euros. This has not changed. If we decide to ride a regular tour on Whit Monday, we will require payment of these ten euros.
For scenario B (alternative version), participants are also entitled to a starting ticket to this alternative based on their registration last year. However, the expenses for scenario B appear to be less to such an extent that the additional fee of ten euros is unnecessary. 

We will keep a close eye on the situation and keep on working on our two scenarios. At the beginning of March, you will get final notification of the selected scenario and its (financial) consequences. We thank you for your understanding.

Kind regards,
The board


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