24 October 2023

Different entry method cyclingelfstedentocht

Registration for the 20 May 2024 Cyclingelfstedentocht is changing. From now on, you can only order one start card for you personally. It is no longer possible to order a starting card for several people or to register groups! This applies to pre-registration and also to free registration! This means that when you register, we will also send you a personal stamp card.

The reason for this is the tightening regulations around privacy and corporate law. We want to oblige everyone who registers to agree to the conditions of our Cycling City Tour. An extra step has been built into the ordering process for this purpose.

Good news is that, for these reasons, buying and selling stamp cards can also only be done via our website from now on. You can find out how that transfer goes here. With this, we also hope to put an end to the trade in stamp cards via all kinds of platforms. These sometimes asked for a higher amount than the original price.

And of course you can continue to indicate that you want to start in the same group, cycling together.

Pre-registration is from November 1 to November 22, 2023. Those entitled to pre-registration will be notified by e-mail.

Free registration is from 1 December to 19 December 2023.

Our site has further information on how to register for the tour. That is divided into various parts of the registration process. You'll find that under the 'register' tab on this site, or by clicking on the links below.

These include information on:

the pre-registration,
the free registration,
joint registration,
how to transfer tickets and
cycling together



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